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Hotel Everland is a Portable Paradise in the Heart of the Paris

Perched high above the romantic city of Paris, Hotel Everland, redefines the term "a room with a view."


Hotel Everland has the best view in Paris.

Drive down the side of the River Seine this year and you’ll see something weird nestled on the roof of the Palais de Tokyo, one of Paris' contemporary art museum.

Hotel Everland 2007 Paris

White loungers, record player - and a free full bar

Designed by Swiss duo Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann, portable Hotel Everland is an artwork you can sleep in, but only as long as it lasts. The one-room mobile container, with retro decor including a record player, will only be in Paris temporarily, before it moves on to new pastures.

Until then, visitors should book in advance, because Hotel Everland is a once in a lifetime chance to listen to jazz and sip a little something high above Paris - in a hotel occupied solely by you and your special someone.

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