Hitting the Jackpot | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 20.10.2003
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Hitting the Jackpot

After Germany was gripped by lottery fever over the weekend, two lucky players, one from Bavaria and one from Rhineland-Palatinate, hit the jackpot and won €14,6 million ($17 million), the highest win since the introduction of the euro. The two will share the proceeds, each taking home €7.3 million. Another three people who got six numbers right but didn't crack the magic number won €1.17 million. The sum reached this high point after after five draws since early October went unclaimed. The record for a single win is still held by a resident of Berlin, who scooped up €9.7 million earlier this year, just one of 51 lottery fans who've become millionaires in 2003 alone. The highest ever win seen in Germany's popular "Lotto" was in 1994, when the equivalent of €21.5 million went up for grabs.