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Hillary Clinton wins Missouri, Bernie Sanders concedes defeat

Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton has won the Missouri primary by a slim margin, adding two more delegates to her total. The win moves her closer to the required delegate count needed for the Democratic nomination.

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been declared the winner of the Missouri Democratic primary on Thursday, which comes two days after the state held its

primary on Tuesday.

Rival Bernie Sanders has approved the results, saying in an interview with The Associated Press (AP) news agency that "it's unlikely the results will impact at all the number of delegates the candidate gets."

Clinton, a former secretary of state and party establishment favorite, received two delegates from the narrow win in Missouri and won by only 1,531 votes, which is within the state's approved margin of a possible recount.

Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders speaks to supporters on the night of the Michigan, Mississippi and other primaries at his campaign rally in Miami, Florida

US presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders speaks to supporters at his campaign rally in Miami, Florida.

However, Sanders added that he would not seek a recount, saying he would "prefer to save the taxpayers of Missouri some money." The Sanders campaign had reportedly considered requesting a recount, but ultimately decided against it.

With the belated win in Missouri, Clinton has now won all five states in Tuesday's primary, including Florida, Ohio, Illinois and North Carolina. She now has 314 more delegates than senator Sanders, and a 755 total delegate lead when superdelegates are considered, according to analysis by AP.

A total of 2,383 delegates are required to win the Democratic nomination.

The US presidential poll to elect President Barack Obama's successor is due to be held on November 8.

smm/bw (AFP, AP, Reuters)

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