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Hillary Clinton in hospital for blood clot treatment

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in a New York hospital receiving treatment after doctors found a blood clot in her leg. Officials said the clot stemmed from the concussion she sustained several weeks ago.

Doctors in New York discovered the blood clot on Sunday and were keeping Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on site to monitor her response to treatment.

"In the course of a follow-up exam today, Secretary Clinton's doctors discovered a blood clot had formed, stemming from the concussion she sustained several weeks ago," State Department spokesman Philippe Reines said in a statement. "She is being treated with anti-coagulants and is at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital so that they can monitor the medication over the next 48 hours."

Reines also said that doctors would continue to monitor Clinton and decide whether further treatment was necessary.

Clinton suffered a concussion earlier in the month after fainting due to dehydration. Prior to this December 15 announcement, she had cancelled an overseas trip because of a stomach virus.

Doctors recommended after the first incident that Clinton avoid the high-intensity travel that comes with her job as top US diplomat at least until mid-January.

Clinton, 65, is due to step down from her role next year, with former Democrat presidential candidate John Kerry nominated as her successor.

msh/av (AFP, AP, Reuters)