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Here Come the Springtime Blues

When the weather turns warm, Germans grow tired. At least that’s what a new study by the Journal of Pharmacists says.


Animals come out from their hibernation, but for Germans spring is the time for sleep

More than half the German population complains of suffering from sleep deprivation during spring. Between the months of March and May 54 percent of German men and 60 percent of the women say they are more tired and depressed than usual.

During the early months of the year, when nature goes into full bloom, Germans are ready for hibernation. According to the Journal of Pharmacists, the change in temperature is responsible for this seasonal sleepiness. Whoever suffered through the long dreary winter months, just barely keeping his or her spirits up, is physically exhausted and mentally warn down when warmer weather rolls around.

When the mercury goes up, blood cells widen and the blood pressure sinks causing a general sense of fatigue and depression.

Along with a change in seasons comes a change in daylight hours. After growing accustomed to the long periods of dark days and nights, the body is not used to having more sunlight. During the early spring, the body’s bio-rhythms can’t get adjusted to having shorter nights and longer days, and people sleep less than in the previous months.

The Journal of Pharmacists say the seasonal sleepiness can be corrected with lots of outdoor physical activity, alternating hot and cold showers in the morning before work (helps get the blood flowing faster) and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.