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Happy New Euro!

Frankfurt is determined to make December 31, 2001 a night to remember. Home to the European Central Bank, the financial metropolis will usher in the era of the euro with a glittering programme on New Year’s Eve.


Cynosure of all eyes - the illuminated euro sculpture

"Frankfurt – Night of the euro", under this motto the organisation, "Euro-Point" invites Frankfurt’s citizens and the international guests converging upon it on Monday night to a gala affair. On the cards are live music performances, video projections and light installations.

Prominent DJ’s and TV hosts will light up the evening and provide a glimpse of the 12 European countries that will adopt the new currency. The unveiling of the euro sculpture as well as the official euro song, "With open arms" are also on the anvil.

Music, lights and an unfinished stage

The party is scheduled to kick off at 9 p.m. at the Willy Brandt Square, at the very heart of the financial centre. The half-constructed Galileo Turm will serve as a stage for the shows.

The unfinished state of the stage is meant to symbolise the beginning of a new European age. A massive screen will show New Year’s Eve television shows from all the 12 euroland countries.

An hour before midnight, a unique experimental performance of sounds from different music genres will set the tone for the countdown.

Musicians from all the 12 euro countries, spread out over 20 stories of the skyscraper will jam together.

They’ll form a 100 metre high ensemble with the help of special light projections. In addition, a 70-member choir of the Speyer cathedral will lend their voices to the attractions of the night.

"With Open Arms"

The official euro song will also be sung live for the first time. "With Open Arms" is a mix of classical and rap music.

It will be sung by soprano singer Anna Maria Kaufmann, the tenor Alexander Gero and the Dutch rap artist, Pappa Bear. The song bids goodbye to the national currencies of Europe and heralds the birth of a single common currency.

Behold! The euro sculpture

And as the clock strikes midnight and the euro is born, the curtain will be raised on the imposing 15-metre-high official euro sculpture, designed by artist, Ottmar Hörl.

The 12 stars swirling freely around the euro sign opposite the ECB building, stand for the members of the currency’s union and symbolise the preserving of a national identity in spite of the union.

Party away those money matters

And those, who can’t wait to get their hands on the new currency, can rush to the nearest bank and get a fistful of fresh crisp euro notes and coins. Many of Frankfurt’s banks diligently keep their counters open on this of all nights, or rather mornings!

But the best part begins after midnight, when the popular DJ’s start showing their stuff. Then you can forget all about money matters, let your hair down and dance away to celebrate the passing of another year.


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