Hamburg′s Justice Minister Stabbed | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 12.02.2004
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Hamburg's Justice Minister Stabbed

Hamburg's controversial justice minister Robert Kusch was wounded on Thursday morning when an emotionally disturbed women stabbed him in the thigh during a campaign-related appearance. "Considering the circumstances, Kusch is doing fine," said Udo Nagel, a spokesperson for the police. Kusch was drumming up support for his CDU party at an information stand in the Neugraben Fischbek quarter of Hamburg when the women attacked him from behind. After the attack, his driver took him to a local hospital, where he received five stitches and was released. According to witnesses, the women yelled gay slurs as she attacked the minister and accused him of murdering her child. The conservative minister has come under fire in the last few months due to a series of controversies and scandals. Most recently, he has been under investigation for unfairly favoring candidates from his own party for key positions within his ministry. However, officials claim the attack was not politically motivated.