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Gunman commits suicide in Bosnia after killing two soliders

A man armed with an assault rifle has killed two Bosnian soldiers near the capital, Sarajevo. While the government held an emergency session, the gunman committed suicide in his home under police siege.

Local media reported late on Wednesday that the unknown attacker killed the soldiers in a betting parlor in Rajloviac on the outskirts of the capital, before opening fire at a bus. At least one person was also reportedly injured.

Bosnian Security Minister Dragan Mektic confirmed that the gunman committed suicide after police identified the suspect and followed him to his home.

The online edition of Bosnian daily "Dnevni Avaz," reported that the gunman blew himself up with explosives at around midnight local time (2300 UTC) on Wednesday using a hand grenade.

Islamist speculation

Sarajevo police commissioner Vahid Cosic dismissed initial speculation that the attack was carried out by a member of Bosnia's radical Islamist community and that the shooting was possibly related to terrorism.

"Those are rumors and insinuations. It is too soon and we cannot say things like that," Cosic said, according to "Dnevni Avaz."

Islamic extremists carried out at least two previous attacks in Bosnia. An assault on the US embassy in 2011 resulted in no casualties. In April, however, an officer was killed during an attack on a police station. Since the 1992-95 war, Bosnia has been home to several Islamic fundamentalist communities.

ksb/bw (Reuters, AP, dpa)

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