Guests Find Bizarre Beds at Berlin′s Exotic Propeller Island | DW-RADIO | DW | 07.04.2008
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Guests Find Bizarre Beds at Berlin's Exotic Propeller Island

At Propeller Island, secret desires find a room of their own. At this hotel you can sleep in a cage, coffin or under a cloud at no extra cost.


The Two Lions Room would tame any beast

This avante-garde Berlin hotel offers guests the chance to sleep surrounded by mirrors or clouds or cryptic painted symbols. Each of the 30 rooms presents a uniquely vision.

pside Down room - photo credit: Lars Stroschen Propeller Island City Lodge

Feel like Alice? It's the Upside Down Room

Not only are the beds and decor individual for each room: designer and architect Lars Stroschen has also composed six soundtracks as an acoustical accompaniment to the adventure. Find out which rooms families with children go for, why the mirror suite is not as popular as one would think, and whether one can get used to sleeping under the floorboards.

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