Green energy in the Caribbean | Global Ideas | DW | 19.04.2011
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Global Ideas

Green energy in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is mostly powered by oil, but green energy is now on the rise.


Project Goal: Modernizing facilities, promoting alternative energy sources and advising Caribbean authorities and communities
Project scale: Several wind farms, six hydropower plants and four solar power plants
Project Investment: 7.5 million euros ($10.67 million)
Project Duration: 2003 - 2012

For the time being, the Caribbean islands are almost entirely dependent on oil. Renewable energy plays a negligible role in the region’s energy supply despite the fact that geographical and climate conditions are ideal. Theoretically, the islands could meet all their electricity needs with geothermal energy and hydropower. Slowly but surely, that switch is happening, thanks partly to an online social networking site called ‘Welectricity’ which helps people boost their energy efficiency. The German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) is also supporting the development, helping to modernize hydropower plants, test wind parks and promote the use of solar energy.

A film by Elke Opielka


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