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Grandhotel Petersberg Celebrates 30 Years as Germany’s Guesthouse

The Grandhotel Petersberg in Königswinter is Germany’s “Camp David". Its staff know all about the pet-peeves and food addictions of the world's leading diplomats.


Lofty heights for the political elite

Deutschland Petersberg Konferenz Brahimi, Karsai und Schröder

In 1978, the German government bought a hotel on top of a mountain in the little town of Königswinter in the Rhine Valley and turned it into Germany’s state guesthouse.

But the Grandhotel Petersberg is more than that: It was the site of the "Petersberg Treaty" and the place where that the Afghanistan peace deal was signed at the "Petersberg Conference" in 2001.

However, unlike the guesthouses of other nations, the Grandhotel Petersberg has always remained open to the public. Here you can live under one roof with the most powerful people on earth, if only for a night.

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