Government Mulls Sin Tax for Alcoholic Soft Drinks | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 24.11.2003
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Government Mulls Sin Tax for Alcoholic Soft Drinks

The German government’s Drug Commissioner, Marion Caspers-Merk, said on Monday that Berlin is considering imposing a 'sin tax' on trendy new mixed alcoholic soft drinks because of the dangers they present to children. The Social Democrat said prices should be doubled for products like the popular Smirnov Ice, which mixes vodka with lemonade. "’Alcopops’ are a dangerous starter drug because they contain so many sweateners that you can hardly taste the alcohol," Caspers-Merk said. Germany’s Minister for Consumer Protection, Renate Künast, is also calling on drink makers to more clearly label mixed drinks that contain high-percentage alcohol. In France, where a similar tax has been imposed, sales of the club drinks have fallen dramatically.