Government Could Cancel Road Toll Contract | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 07.10.2003
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Government Could Cancel Road Toll Contract

Germany's transportation minister, Manfred Stolpe, revealed today that there is an exit clause in the contract the government has with Toll Collect, the consortium building the road toll system that was supposed to go into operation at the end of August. The clause would allow the government to cancel its contract with the company in December and look for another firm to install a road toll collection system. The high-tech network designed by Toll Collect would use a combination of sensors, satellites and on-board computers to collect tolls from trucks using the country's 12,000 kilometers of freeways. But it has been plagued with technical problems and delays. The original launch date was postponed until November 2; now officials say that deadline won't be met and are setting no new date. The problems have put an uncomfortable spotlight on Stolpe, since every month of delay is costing the federal government an estimated €156 million ($184 million) in lost revenue. Despite the news of the exit clause, Stolpe has said he plans to continue to working with the company until the system is up and running.