Gourmet Summit | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 12.11.2001
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Gourmet Summit

Had enough of fried eggs? The 3. international Gourmet Festival in Berlin has more to offer.


Berlin is not the place to diet this week

Nutrition is an elementary need. It is due to the art of Gourmet cooking that food becomes not only a pleasure – but a luxury.

For those who enjoy the luxury of Gourmet cooking – and are prepared to pay a certain sum for it – the Berlin Gourmet festival is just the ticket.

The festival, which takes place from the November 10. to 17. for the third time running, is a meeting-place for Gourmet lovers, top cooks and wine specialists from all over the world.

Guest cooks from cities such as Singapur, Nice and Copenhagen will be spoiling food lovers' taste buds at this Gourmet summit.

Food and Fashion

The festival, however, has more to offer than cooking expertise and mouth-watering specialities: Fashion shows and cabaret evenings are also on the festival agenda.

One of the highlights of the coming Gourmet week in Berlin is a Gourmet safari. No landrovers and mud water-holes here though – luxus limousines will be driving guests through the November sleet to see and taste the best in international cuisine.