Goose Liver Terrine with Oysters and Tomato Foam | Poultry | DW | 22.07.2004
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Goose Liver Terrine with Oysters and Tomato Foam

Goose Liver Terrine with Oysters and Tomato Foam Serves 4


Goose Liver Terrine with Oysters and Tomato Foam
Serves 4

400 grams raw goose liver
12 creuses or 12 flat Zeeland oysters (four zeros)
freshly ground pepper
2 grams salt
2 grams brine salt
15 cl armagnac
5 cl sauternes
1 dl white port
100 grams fresh streaky bacon in slices

For the tomato foam
10 ripe pommodori tomatoes
double cream
¼ gelatine sheet

for the tomato coulis
5 cl olive oil
8 grams finely cut shallots
8 grams tomato puree
10 cl gin
70 grams tomatoes
spoon shellfish coulis

for the presentation
parsley mayonnaise

Remove the membranes and veins from the goose livers. Sprinkle with pepper and both types of salt and let the liver marinate for 24 hours in a cocktail of the specified drinks. Line a terrine tin with thin slices of fresh fat bacon and press the liver in to the terrine.. Poach the terrine for 45 minutes in a Bain Marie in the oven with a water temperature of 60°C. Take the terrine out of the water, let cool slightly and set aside under pressure, for example, by covering it with a weighted plate..

For the tomato foam, cut the tomatoes into coarse pieces. Mix them with a little salt and let them drain in a clean (muslin) cloth. Collect the moisture. Weigh the drained mositure and add cream to a total of 6 cl. Heat the moisture a little and thicken with ¼ gelatine sheet. Let it cool. Whisk it with an egg beater in a bowl over ice into a firm, light mixture.

Now make the tomato coulis. Heat the olive oil in a pan and sauté the shallots without colouring. Add the tomato puree and the gin. Next, add the sliced tomatoes and reduce the mixture in an open pan for 1 hour on low heat. Press the remaining liquid through a fine sieve and finally add the shellfish coulis.

Open the oysters and collect the liquid. Heat this until lukewarm and allow the oysters to steep in it very briefly until the oyster flesh is slightly taut.

Place three slices of goose liver terrine on each plate. Make a garnishing with drops of tomato coulis and parsley mayonnaise around it. Place an oyster on each slice of goose liver and crown it just before serving with tomato foam.