Google buys app maker Bump to improve mobile file sharing | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 17.09.2013
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Google buys app maker Bump to improve mobile file sharing

Users of Android-based smartphones may soon just have to knock knuckles with their friends to share data. Technology giant Google has announced the purchase of Bump, which has developed the popular application.

Bump Technologies co-founder and Chief Executive David Lieb disclosed the purchase of the firm by Google in a message on Bump's website Monday.

Bump couldn't be more thrilled to join Google, he said, adding that the startup company's popular applications Bump and Flock would continue to work as always.

Google described its recent acquisition as a great fit because the Bump team had demonstrated a strong ability to quickly develop products that users loved.

Founded in 2008, Bump Technologies is based in Mountain View, which is also home to Google. It is funded primarily by venture capital.

The firm's Bump application allows smartphone users share data easily by gently knocking knuckles while holding their devices. Moreover, its Flock software enables users to identify friends in the vicinity and lets them contribute to sets of photos reflecting shared experiences.

None of the two companies disclosed a price for the purchase. But US newspaper New York Times reported that the acquisition had cost Google about $40 million (30 million euros).

In recent years, Bump Technologies hasn't earned money with its popular but free-of-charge applications, which run on both Android-based smartphones as well as on Apple's iPhone. For Google, the deal is part of a series of recent acquisitions in the applications segment, and comes in the wake of similar software offered on Apple's new iOS7 operating system.

uh/tj (AFP, dpa)

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