″Goodbye my Lover″ | The story of your music | DW | 27.03.2014
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Your Music

"Goodbye my Lover"

Everyone is looking for true love and Yaw felt like he was in heaven when he found it for himself. However he would have never expected his story to end tragically. James Blunt will always remind Yaw of his first love.

Yaw sitting by a swimming pool.

Yaw remembers fondly the time he spent with Nana.

It was in 2005 when I fell in love for the first time. I met her at my favorite library after I realized that we were both reading the same book. From that point on we became friends and later would fall in love.

If someone were to ask me right now how to define true love, I would tell them that Nana defines love for me. She was always understanding and would always excuse herself even if I was the one who was wrong. For me, her love was like heaven on earth.

Then the day came when she had to go to Canada to be with her parents. It was very hard for me but I knew she had to leave. She promised that she would wait for me. After that we talked all the time on the telephone, until I got the call of my life– Nana had been killed in a car accident.

I completely broke down. That same month a song came out that will forever be connected to this tragic part of my life – "Goodbye my Lover" by James Blunt. I would play it over and over again because it fit perfectly to my situation. I still love this song today. Even if every time I listen to it I have to cry, I can’t resist playing it again.

Sent by: Yaw Anim
Edited by: Kerstin Boljahn

James Blunt is a British singer and songwriter. He had his first break in 2005 with the song "You’re Beautiful" followed that same year by the hit "Goodbye my Lover." His style of slow emotional soft rock and pop is accented by his unmistakable voice.

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