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Glyphosate - The Sick Children of Argentina

The EU has approved the controversial weed killer glyphosate for another five years. The widely used substance has been described as carcinogenic for humans and harmful for animals. In Argentina, serious health issues in children are on the rise.

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Glyphosate is used intensively over wide areas in Argentina. A total of 300 million liters per year is used on genetically-modified crops that include soybeans, cotton, and tobacco. In some parts of Argentina, the number of new cases of cancer has tripled over the last decade. Congenital deformities in newborns have quadrupled. But conclusive studies have not yet been carried out. Critics claim that herbicide producers including Monsanto are putting the lives of farmers and their families at risk. The farmers are now fighting back. In our report, we talk to tobacco farmers whose children were born with birth defects, attorneys who have taken on the big agrochemical companies, and doctors who are speaking out about the dangers of these herbicides.