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Global Media Forum 2017 DW-Headerbanner_Junge

Speaker Highlights

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Beyond the conference program

Global Media Forum 2017 - Flyer

Mockup Flyer Global Media Forum 2017 (DW)

Download the flyer here

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Discuss the future of media at the GMF 2017

"Identity and Diversity" is this year's topic. Come and experience the world's leading conference on foreign policy and digital media.  

Conference Highlights

Logo Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum GMF mit Zusatz „hosted by Deutsche Welle

The growth of populism: How to tackle the twist to simple solutions for complex problems in politics?

Tuesday, June 20, 5:45 p.m.  


Integration and Diversity

Tuesday, June 20, 4:15 p.m.  

GMF 2017 Pocket Guide

Pocket Guide Global Media Forum 2017 (DW)

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GMF at the Global Festival of Ideas

UN Sustainable Development Goals

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The private sector involvement

Rajita Kulkarni, President of the World Forum for Ethics in Business and Tauni Lanier, Executive Direcor of Impact2030, take a deeper look at the responsibility of the private sector in achieving the SDGs. What are the potential challenges? And how do we make private sector companies come on board?  

More videos

The private sector involvement

Global Festival of Ideas Titel

Cooperation, Sustainability & Growth

Communicate, connect, commit to the SDGs

The potential of Big Data to solve the puzzle

A look back

Watch video 02:54

Global Media Forum 2016 - Summary

A short summary of three amazing Global Media Forum days - enjoy!  

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