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Global Media Forum 2017 DW-Headerbanner_Junge
Watch video 26:41

DW Award for White House Correspondents

US President Donald Trump's attacks on journalists pose a new challenge for the media. That is why the White House Correspondents Association has been honored with DW’s 2017 Freedom of Speech Award.  

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Pictures and sounds from the GMF 2017

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GMF at the Global Festival of Ideas

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Watch video 09:25

The private sector involvement

Rajita Kulkarni, President of the World Forum for Ethics in Business and Tauni Lanier, Executive Direcor of Impact2030, take a deeper look at the responsibility of the private sector in achieving the SDGs. What are the potential challenges? And how do we make private sector companies come on board?  

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The private sector involvement

Global Festival of Ideas Titel

Cooperation, Sustainability & Growth

Communicate, connect, commit to the SDGs

The potential of Big Data to solve the puzzle