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Global Media Forum

Global Inequalities

Here's the thematic focus of the next Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum 2018, the only truly global conference for media develoment in Germany.

Inequalities are all around us – some all-too visible, many obscure and insidious, and often causing lasting damage to society, social cohesion and growth.

From institutionalized racism to income inequality, sexism, the digital divide and unequal political and economic power relations - inequality is deeply ingrained and deeply confusing.

Shedding light on all dimensions of global inequality and its various solutions is a difficult yet vital mission for media, civil society and politicians.

Are media up to understanding the dimensions and effects of inequality? What about inequalities in the media sector itself? And how can technology really be a galvanizer and equalizer? What is the potential of digital developments and technology to provide equal access to knowledge, power and participation?

 “Global Inequalities” will be the focus theme of the 2018 Global Media Forum hosted by Deutsche Welle. Join the discussion from June 11 – 13, 2018.