Photo Challenge: How do you see climate change? | Global Ideas | DW | 16.11.2015
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Global Ideas

Photo Challenge: How do you see climate change?

Droughts, floods, melting ice, failed harvests, fires and scorching heat - climate change is having a huge impact globally. Take part in our photo challenge and show us what climate change looks like to you.

With Paris poised to host COP21, which has been billed as the last chance to limit global warming, we are asking how you see climate change?

We've teamed up with photography community and platform, EyeEm, to invite you to capture images that reveal not only how the climate is changing, but what is being done to slow the process.

No matter where you are, climate change is happening. In some places, its causes and effects are loud and clear, in others, it is the efforts to slow the process that stand out. This mission challenges you to shoot climate change as you see it.

We'll interview and publish the overall winner on Global Ideas and feature the top three runners-up in short portraits. The deadline for submission is November 23. For more on how to take part visit, #link:

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