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Global Ideas

Dagmar Schelske: From color theory to wildlife photography

"With the camera, I get the opportunity to catch and preserve special moments and the beauty of nature."

Global Ideas: Dagmar, congrats for winning our EyeEm mission on Nature's diversity! Tell us who you are and how you got in touch with photography?
Dagmar Schelske: My name is Dagmar Schelske, an I live in the spa town of Bad Segeberg. Through over 10 years of oil painting with my mentor, Friedrich Karl Kurowski, I learned a lot about color theory, perspective and vision. With my first small camera, the Kodak EasyShare, I developed from painting to photography.

Most of your pictures show nature motifs - why's that?
I have been bound to nature since I was a child. And nature is an inexhaustible field. With my camera I get the opportunity to catch and preserve special moments and the beauty of nature.

Are you worried about climate change and biodiversity loss?
Climate change and the loss of species are major problems. My message to the people would be: show more respect and humility toward diversity in nature.

You publish your work on EyeEm. Why this community?
At EyeEm you can find many interesting and different forms of photography. And I think it's good to be both viewer and user of this active, informative community at the same time.

What kind of cameras do you use?

My camera is currently a Canon EOS 70D with different lenses. And I also have a certain weakness for my LUMIX camera.

Thank you very much

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