Ghana: Video Journalists for the Africa Cup of Nations | Africa | DW | 17.06.2008
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Ghana: Video Journalists for the Africa Cup of Nations

From January to February 2008, Ghana hosted the Africa Cup of Nations, which took center-stage in African soccer. For DW Akademie it was the perfect opportunity to train African video journalists.

A girl with a flag painted on her cheek

A prestigious event such as the Africa Cup of Nations presents sports journalists with a unique challenge. They are expected to produce exciting reports which accurately reflect what happens on and off the field.

Top African soccer players from 16 countries took part in the Africa Cup of Nations - a great opportunity for the prospective video journalists (VJs) to shoot interesting interviews, in-depth background reports and enthralling features.

Interview in a group of young men

The VJ training took place in two phases: in October 2007, 16 participants in Accra, Ghana, were introduced to the technical aspects of video journalism and related working methods. In the process, six films were produced depicting the growing excitement in the run-up to the Africa Cup of Nations.

The second part of the project took place during the tournament itself. With the help of modern audio equipment, digital cameras and laptops with editing software, participants produced reports and features. The films which resulted from this course were aired both by the journalists' respective stations and by DW-TV.

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