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Getting tough: Merkel’s asylum U-turn?

Germany is stepping up the deportation of failed asylum seekers to war-torn Afghanistan. Has Angela Merkel abandoned her principles? Our guests: Alan Posener (Die Welt), Malaiz Daud (Afghanistan Expert), Antje Bauer (DW Academy).

Watch video 25:59

Alan Posener is a political commentator for the Berlin daily Die Welt. He says: “Welcoming migrants while punishing Greeks and other Southern Europeans helped deconstruct the European Union. Let's hope it's not too late to change course.”


Malaiz Daud is a political analyst from Afghanistan. He says: “Deporting Afghans may not be ethically optimal because of the ongoing war in Afghanistan but it is the only way Merkel can fend off the challenge by the populist right.”



Antje Bauer is a journalist who focuses on the Middle East and Afghanistan. Her Opinion: “By deporting people to the war zone that is Afghanistan, Germany is betraying its human rights principles.”Fing3rwe,