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Get the Spirit of Tomorrow at CeBIT 2002


Tomorrow is today at the world's largest computer fair

During CeBit, the wired world was abuzz with talk of the newest developments in information technology and telecommunications. For eight days, the leading IT players were showcasing their products and creating headlines on the future of the computer as we know it.

The list of exhibitors read like a Who’s Who of the IT industry with all the big name players turning out from Germany’s own Telekom to Bill Gates’ Microsoft. Of all the business sectors, however, telecommunications companies made up the majority of exhibitors.

The focus at this year’s CeBIT were third-generation mobile phone technology and the developments in the UMTS sector. But internet security, chip card technology and developments in the field of biometrics were also hot topics at this year’s fair.

Throughout the eight-day event, numerous forums contributed theoretical input on topics as vast and varied as internet access for a global community, e-government and the future role of information technology for the world economy.

Making headlines with computers and telecommunications is what CeBIT is all about.

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