Germany′s car capital surprises with architectural treasures | DW Travel | DW | 28.09.2010
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Germany's car capital surprises with architectural treasures

Stuttgart is known as the home of luxury carmakers Mercedes and Porsche, but is also significant because of its innovative architectural legacy.

Castle Solitude in Stuttgart

Castle Solitude is one of Stuttgart's architectural highlights

Stuttgart's architecture spans from the Renaissance style of the Old Castle to the art nouveau Market Hall and the postmodern Neue Staatsgalerie. It's a cityscape of contrasts.

The city's automotive heritage can be seen in two spectacular showrooms exhibiting icons of Germany's car history, including the first Porsche and the Mercedes-Benz 300SL coupe with red leather seats.

Stuttgart also has a rich arts scene with lots to offer for opera, theater, and ballet lovers.

Click on the video link below for a personal tour of the southern German city. Bernd Miller takes us on a drive through his hometown in his classic car, stopping at the Rococo-style Solitude Castle, the market hall, and Stuttgart's oldest wine tavern, Zur Kiste.

Text: DW-TV

Editor: Kate Bowen

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