Germany Welcomes Power Shift in Zimbabwe′s Parliament | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 27.08.2008
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Germany Welcomes Power Shift in Zimbabwe's Parliament

Germany praised the Zimbabwean parliament after it elected a member of the opposition party as speaker. It also appealed to President Robert Mugabe to resume talks on establishing a transitional government.

Lovemore Moyo celebrates his election as speaker of Zimbabwe's lower house of parliament

Germany said it welcomed the spirit of change displayed by Lovemore Moyo's election

Following a single-candidate presidential election and weeks of fruitless negotiations, a member of the opposition party Movement for Democratic Change was voted parliamentary speaker earlier this week.

"The German government welcomes this courageous election in the lower house as showing the spirit of change revealed in parliamentary and presidential elections this year is continuing," a Foreign Ministry spokesman in Berlin said on Wednesday, Aug. 27.

Germany regretted that talks on setting up a government of national unity in the troubled southern African country had broken down without result in recent days, the spokesman added.

Mugabe had begun to concentrate power in his own hands, he said.

But this "cynical politics of business as usual" had suffered a setback with the election of MDC candidate Lovemore Moyo as speaker on Monday, the spokesman said.

Germany called on Mugabe to restart talks with the MDC and to work towards a transitional government, he said.

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