Germany to Build Prefabricated Houses for 1,800 Georgians | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 06.09.2008
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Germany to Build Prefabricated Houses for 1,800 Georgians

Germany's foreign ministry has promised to provide houses for Georgian refugees left homeless by the five-day Georgian-Russian war.

Two Georgian women wait in a refugee center in Kutaisi, western Georgia

The violence left many homeless in Georgia

The Foreign Ministry in Bonn said on Friday, Sept. 5, it was granting 8 million euros ($11.5 million) to the German development aid agency GTZ, which would put up the buildings. They will contain 350 apartments.

Georgia had asked for help to house the people who fled from South Ossetia during last month's conflict and could not return.

Construction work is to begin next week so that as many homes as possible are ready by the cold period at the end of the year.

Prefabricated homes are made in factories of panels, usually out of wood, that can be moved to the site by truck and quickly fitted together.

The Foreign Ministry had earlier granted 2.2 million euros for emergency relief by aid agencies after the conflict.

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