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Europe/Central Asia

Germany/Tajikistan: Democracy and the Media in Germany

Participants in this special DW Akademie training course return home to Tajikistan with a blueprint for a code of ethics for the press.


Free media must behave responsibly and exercise control over themselves. This is the only way they can maintain quality and discipline among their own ranks, prevent unfounded or unresearched attacks on individuals or institutions or stop tendentious journalism and the use of dubious sources.

This was one of the reasons why DW Akademie, in conjunction with the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) decided to organize a special field trip.

01.2009 DW-AKADEMIE Regionen Europa Zentralasien Tadschikistan 4

Ten leading representatives of the Tajik media, media NGOs and government traveled to Germany to see for themselves how the media regulate themselves and prevent abuse in this western democracy.

The Tajik guests visited institutions concerned with media self-regulation and met with media-orientated politicians, lawyers and editors from TV, radio and the press.

01.2009 DW-AKADEMIE Regionen Europa Zentralasien Tadschikistan 3

They reflected on their experiences in the light of conditions in Tajikistan and formulated their own impressive blueprint:
A code of ethics for the press in Tajikistan, made up of 14 articles. Ten of these have essentially been completed, the wording of the remaining four is still under discussion.

To clarify the last remaining details, the participants have agreed on a Road Map, which includes another meeting in Dushanbe.