Germany summons North Korean ambassador over nuclear test threat | News | DW | 07.04.2014
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Germany summons North Korean ambassador over nuclear test threat

Germany's Foreign Ministry has summoned North Korea's envoy to Berlin after Pyongyang threatened to carry out a new nuclear test. The demand was also made in response to missile tests conducted over the Sea of Japan.

Germany on Monday summoned the North Korean ambassador in protest at the country's announcement that it would stage another of its nuclear missile tests.

"The Foreign Ministry summoned the North Korean ambassador, Ri Si Hong, in light of the announcement of a further nuclear test from the North Korean government," the ministry said.

After the ramping up of tensions in the past two weeks, the ministry also called upon the North Korean government to "undertake efforts towards a de-escalation and to resume the dialogue towards resolving the nuclear question."

North Korea has so far conducted three nuclear tests - in 2006, 2009 and 2013, all carried out in deep underground bunkers. Last week, following a United Nations Security Council rebuke for its testing of medium-range ballistic missiles over the Sea of Japan, North Korea warned it would carry out "a new form of nuclear test, without elaborating on what that would entail.

"I recommend you wait and see what it is," North Korea's deputy UN Ambassador Ri Tong Il told a UN press conference on Friday.

Germany warned there would be a strong international reaction if any such test did take place.

The ministry said the summoning of Ambassador Ri Si Hong was also prompted by Pyongyang's test-firing of at least two medium range missiles - and an exchange of fire between North and South Korea across a dispute marine boundary.

There were diplomatic protests after North Korea test fired two Rodong missiles, medium-range ballistic weapons normally capable of reaching Japan, on March 26. Ballistic launches are banned under UN Security Council resolutions adopted in response to North Korea's past nuclear and rocket tests.

rc/se (AP, Reuters)

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