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Germany Skipper Ballack Undergoes Double Foot Operation

Germany skipper Michael Ballack underwent surgery on both his feet on Friday, Oct. 17 and could be out of action for around two weeks.

Germany's Michael Ballack

Ballack has been cursed with foot and ankle problems for past three seasons

The 32-year-old Chelsea star needed the operation to cure an infection after complaining of pain in his feet in the World Cup qualifying win over Wales, said a statement released by the German soccer federation (DFB).

Ballack had surgery to remove swollen nerve tissue in both feet in an Augsburg clinic after consulting with his Premier League club, the DFB said. The surgery went "well and without complications".

"Michael Ballack complained again of strong pain in both feet after the World Cup qualifying game against Wales on Wednesday," German team doctor Hans-Wilhelm Mueller-Wohlfahrt said in the DFB statement.

"An MRI on Thursday confirmed our suspicion of neuroma so after consultation with the club doctor, manager and coach of Chelsea it was decided to operate on both feet."

Ballack would be able to resume training in two weeks, Mueller-Wohlfahrt added.

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