Germany Honors Top Sports People | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 20.12.2004
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Germany Honors Top Sports People

Olympic canoeing star Birgit Fischer and undisputed Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher have been chosen as Germany's sportsman and woman of the year. In a ceremony in Stuttgart on Sunday, the two were recognized by 1,500 of the country's sports journalists for their achievements in 2004. Fischer, a mother of two who had retired after a successful sporting career, staged a spectacular comeback in 2004 and won both gold and silver medals at the age of 42 at the summer Olympics in Athens. Schumacher won 13 times for his Ferrari team this past year, a record for a single season. His performance also brought him his seventh world title. The team of the year award went to the German women's field hockey team, which unexpectedly took top honors in Athens.

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