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Germany goalkeeper Nadine Angerer is UEFA's European footballer of the year

Nadine Angerer has been named the "UEFA Best Women's Player in Europe" for the 2012-13 season, the first time the award has been presented. DW spoke to her after Germany's 2013 Euro Championship victory.

Nadine Angerer, the safest hands in German women's football, was jubilant when she learned that she had won the title by a large margin.

"I am totally surprised and totally happy to have won," she said after accepting the trophy from UEFA President Michel Platini at a ceremony in Nyon on Thursday. She also thanked her coach and mentor Silvia Neid for all her support.

Angerer saved two Norwegian penalties in the final played just outside of Stockholm on July 28, as Germany made it six-straight European Women's Championships.

The 124-times capped Germany goalkeeper has just moved from FFC Frankfurt to join Australian W-League club Brisbane Roar.

Just before the move DW's Paddy Higgs caught up with her to find out about her plans for the future.

DW: How did the move to Australia all come about?

Nadine Angerer: I had a lot of offers from Europe, but Europe was Europe and I think I want to get to know another continent.

Was it something you had to think about when Brisbane got in touch? Or, because you were ready to go, was it an easy decision?

Actually, it wasn't an easy decision … I got a lot of offers where I would have earned a lot more money. But I think money is not the most important thing. Of course I think money is important, but I think the challenge and to have fun in life is more important. That's why I decided against the money and for going to Australia.

It seems like good timing after the excitement of the European Championships. How did the win in the Euros compare to the other trophies you've won in your international career?

It was one of the most important trophies we won, because no-one expected we were going to win this title. We had a really, really young team - a very inexperienced team.

There were some doubts on the team after some of the results in the group stage. To then finish the tournament as champions must have been special.

We had such a great team spirit. We didn't play that well the whole tournament, but we really wanted to win ... and I think you could see that on the pitch.

Germany goalkeeper Nadine Angerer saves a penalty in the European Women's Championships. Photo: Carmen Jaspersen/dpa

Angerer's heroics were crucial to Germany's 2013 Euro Championships title.

You must have been very happy with your own form.

Yes, of course. I had a good tournament, but it was [down to] good teamwork. We worked together … and of course it makes it easier for you as well if you can trust the defense. It gives you a lot of security.

As a goalkeeper, there is a fine line between a mistake and a fantastic save. In that tournament, it seemed like it was all the latter for you.

[It was] very good, especially with the two penalties in the final. But of course I know what you mean, because at the World Cup in 2011 in Germany I got to know the other side as well. I got this goal against Japan [in the quarter-finals] and I think it was my mistake … I think both are important, both experiences. If you don't have the one experience, you can't appreciate the other.

What does you future at international level hold now you've moved to Australia? Do you still intend to play for Germany?

I spoke with my coach [Silvia Neid] … She wants me to continue and I want to continue. Of course they will be long trips, but I think it's no problem for me. It's not the easiest way, but I'm going to look forward to the trips as well.

You hope to move to the USA after Australia, is that correct?

Exactly, because the league ends in February in Australia, and I want to get to know another country. I have been in America quite often actually, but just for one or two weeks … It fits perfectly, because pre-season starts there in March.

Goalkeepers can often have a longer career than outfield players. Have you any thoughts of retirement? Or do you want to play for a few more years yet?

Yeah, absolutely [I want to play on], because I think age doesn't matter. It depends if you're motivated [and do] what you do with passion. Age is totally unimportant. You can be 26 or 24 and in the perfect soccer age, but if you're not motivated it's no use.

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