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Germany Boasts Europe's Best Highway Rest Stops

ADAC, Germany's leading automobile association, on Tuesday released the results of a test of 22 highway rest stops on the most important European highways in ten countries. It found that travelers would do better to avoid every fourth rest stop, while more than half were described by the researchers as "passable." The study in particular criticized a lack of hospitality, expensive meals and problems of hygiene. ADAC Vice President Max Stich said that some rest stops could only be used to fill up on gasoline. Though none of the rest stops surveyed made the "very good" mark, those in Germany were most frequently -- seven out of ten times -- described as "good." The worst performer was Great Britain, where six of the eight rest stops tested failed due to catastrophic hygiene and high prices. Italy did the worst when it came to hospitality. In the latter aspect, Germany's highway rest stops fared the best, too.