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Germany: Berlinale 2010

The training "Film Festival and Event Management" is being held again in 2010 to mark the Berlin International Film Festival, the Berlinale – a highlight in DW-AKADEMIE's calendar.


Breath in the Berlin air, look over the shoulders of established Berlin film festival professionals, meet colleagues from around the world, watch potentially prize-winning films – all this is possible at DW-AKADEMIE's training in festival and event management.

Since 2004, DW-AKADEMIE has been offering this unique training to coincide with the Berlin International Film Festival. The training focuses on the management and organization of film festivals. There can be no better way to combine theory and practice right in the middle of the Berlinale.

Among others, the participants of this past year's trainings were representatives of the following African and Asian film festivals:
Lagunimages – Festival de Documentaire et de Télévision du Bénin (Benin)
Changchun Film Festival (China)
Shanghai International Film Festival (China)
Jogjakarta Documentary Film Festival (Indonesia)
Jakarta International Film Festival (Indonesia)
Dockanema – Maputo Documentary Film Festival (Mozambique)
Zuma Film Festival (Nigeria)
Cinemanila International Film Festival (Philippines)
Rwanda Film Festival (Rwanda)
Durban International Film Festival (South Africa)
Kwamashu Film Festival (South Africa)
International Film Festival of Zambia (Zambia)

Every year, DW-AKADEMIE sets up its own Berlinale office, to establish and maintain new contacts, publish reports and carry out press interviews.