Germany adds seven traditions to inventory of immaterial heritage | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 04.12.2015
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Germany adds seven traditions to inventory of immaterial heritage

Caroling, still popular around Christmas time in Germany, is just one of the seven traditions to be added to the country's list of immaterial cultural heritage. Do you know them all?

Seven traditions are to be added to the German nationwide inventory of intangible cultural heritage, said the German UNESCO Commission on Friday (04.12.2015).

Caroling, shooting clubs (also known as marksmen's associations), folk dance, choir singing, manual glass production, "Kneipp cures" - a form of hydrotherapy - and the traditional "court of fools" of Grosselfingen - a century-old game which takes place during Carnival in Baden-Württemberg - will be added to the inventory, joining 27 other forms of cultural expressions and traditions already on the list.

The inventory aims to promote, protect and document these special customs.

The Association of the Historical German Marksmen's Brotherhoods (Bund der Historischen Deutschen Schützenbruderschaft) had previously applied to be included in the inventory, but had been rejected after it controversially refused a Muslim as king of a markmen's festival. This led the conservative association to actively show openness towards non-Christians, people who've divorced and remarried, as well as homosexuals.

eg/kbm (dpa, KNA)

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