Germans Missing After Storm Accounted For | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 05.09.2005
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Germans Missing After Storm Accounted For

The 70 Germans who were reported missing after hurricane Katrina devastated the southern US coast are still alive. A spokesman from the foreign ministry, Walter Lindner, reported on Monday in Berlin that the German consulates in Miami, Houston and Atlanta were able to locate the missing Germans and establish contact with most of them. Currently, it is not believed there are any Germans among those wounded or killed in the natural catastrophe. According to Lindner and the spokesman for the federal government, Bela Anda, Germany is ready to send humanitarian and technical aid to the United States. The US is in need of logistics experts as well as high-performance pumps, water purification systems, generators, blankets, vaccination teams as well as search and rescue squads. A German hospital ship is already on its way to the US and a military aircraft with 15 tons of emergency supplies is scheduled to get underway on Tuesday.

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