German Vioxx Patients File Suit | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 11.10.2004
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German Vioxx Patients File Suit

After the world-wide recall of Vioxx, a drug used to treat arthritis and rheumatism, a group of German patients has also filed a class action suit against US pharmaceuticals company Merck. "We're looking into whether or not we can join in the American class action suit," said Berlin lawyer Andreas Schulz. He represents Vioxx patients who took the medicine for more than two years. Damages would be sought from Merck's German branch, Sharp & Dohme. Vioxx was recalled on Oct. 1 after it was found to cause increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. In the US, Merck is facing a class action suit, accused of failing to inform the public and health practitioners about the drug's risks.