German Terrorist on Trial for 1991 Hungary Bombing | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 22.04.2004
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German Terrorist on Trial for 1991 Hungary Bombing

The trial of suspected Red Army Faction (RAF) terrorist Andrea Klump, charged with 33 counts of attempted murder, opened on Thursday in Stuttgart. Klump is pleading not guilty to participating in the 1991 bomb attack on a bus carrying Soviet Jews in Hungary. Klump, who is currently serving a nine-year sentence for helping to plan the failed 1988 bombing of a Spanish disco frequented by American sailors, could face a life sentence if convicted. The 46-year old told the court that she visited Hungary twice around the time of the attack to see her boyfriend, Horst Ludwig Meyer. But she said that she had nothing to do with the attack against the Soviet Jews. Klump is accused of carrying out the bombing, along with Meyer and one other accomplice, on behalf of a Palestinian group, the "Movement for the Freedom of Jerusalem," which claimed responsibility for the attack. The explosion injured two Hungarian police officers and four passengers on the bus. In addition to denying the charges, Klump also denies that she was a member of the RAF, the terrorist group which carried out attacks on NATO and industrial targets for over two decades in Germany before renouncing violence in 1992. A verdict is due in September.