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German Tabloid Reprimanded for Beheading Photos

Germany's best-selling newspaper, Bild, has been publicly reprimanded by the country's Press Council because of the publication of photos showing the murder of the American businessman Nicholas Berg, who was beheaded on video by Iraqi insurgents last month. The last photo of a series the newspaper published showed one of the insurgents holding Berg's head after the beheading. According to the Press Council, printing that picture was a inappropriate instance of sensationalism which did nothing to add to the journalistic value of the story. According to the Bonn-based body, Berg's murderers intentionally recorded the beheading to spread fear. Bild's publication of those pictures, said the council, supported those aims. The paper also received a reprimand for its publication of pictures from the scene of the killing by Israeli of Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin in March. The newspaper published a photo showing Yassin's head, which was lacerated and had been separated from his body. The Press Council said the picture was sensationalistic and not in the public interest.

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