German Royal Auction Tops Expectations | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 17.10.2005
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German Royal Auction Tops Expectations

The 10-day auction of the Hanover royal family treasures last week brought in more than 44 million euros ($53 million), four times more than was anticipated, organizers said. The event, held at the family's castle at Marienburg near Hanover, was established to raise funds to help the family run its estate. The house of Hanover, headed by Prince Ernst August, the third husband of Princess Caroline of Monaco, is the descendant of the last German emperor, Wilhelm II. The auction featured about 20,000 items including a pair of 19th century Russian vases that went for 1.69 million euros ($2 million) and a 1823 marble bust of Queen Louise of Prussia that sold for 205,000 euros.

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