German rail unions call nationwide strikes | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 04.03.2011
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German rail unions call nationwide strikes

Germany's powerful GDL rail union called a strike on Friday morning services across Germany in a bid to pressure for better pay conditions.

An empty rail line

The strike hit morning commuters across Germany

The Trade Union of German Railroad Engineers (GDL) called a nationwide strike for three hours Friday morning, marking the third work stoppage in two weeks.

The union took the measure to push for better pay conditions for its 26,000 train drivers employed with national rail operator Deutsche Bahn, as well as with the six other major private operators - Abellio, Arriva, Benex, Keolis, Hessische Landesbahn and Veolia.

Similar to action taken last Friday, drivers of Deutsche Bahn and a collection of private rail operators walked off the job for three hours until around noon.

GDL chief Claus Weselsky recently rejected counteroffers by Deutsche Bahn, and said the results of the strike action should be known by Monday.

Last week, the stoppage caused day-long large-scale disruptions and delays to long-distance travel around Germany. Similar knock-on effects from the latest work stoppage were expected to last until late Friday.

Author: Darren Mara (Reuters, dpa)
Editor: Martin Kuebler

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