German Press Review: Concern over Baghdad Bombing | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 08.08.2003
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German Press Review: Concern over Baghdad Bombing

German newspaper editorials on Friday covered topics relating to terrorism including the bombing of the Jordanian embassy in Baghdad and a recent attack in Indonesia.


At least seven were killed in the bombing of Jordan's embassy in Baghdad on Thursday.

The bomb attack outside the Jordanian embassy in Baghdad is not only the most severe since the end of the war wrote the Bonner General Anzeiger – it betrays a shift in targets. Not coalition troops but an Arabic neighboring country was targeted without any consideration of innocent Iraqi victims. This makes it difficult – said the paper – to decipher who was responsible but added it’s more likely to be Islamic terrorists than Iraqi guerrillas. Iraq will not find peace anytime soon but military might alone will not solve the problem warned the


According to the Badische Zeitung in Freiburg, every new incident of violence increases the insecurity and despair in Iraq. And the United States and Britain are becoming less capable to set in motion that which deserves the title of "reconstruction." Without safe streets, no electricity, schools or work Iraqis won't be won over by a western-oriented democratic form of politics. And added the paper – irrespective of the debate over whether intelligence was exaggerated to justify the war– what's happening on the ground in Iraq is the real fiasco.

The risk of terrorism elsewhere in the world was the focus of comment in Munich's Süddeutsche Zeitung. After the latest bombing of a hotel in Jakarta the paper said Indonesia is not alone in its powerlessness. No country is fully able to protect foreigners or its own citizens. That's why wealthy Western nations should not just denounce the security deficiency's in poorer countries – they should do more to support their governments in fighting terrorism otherwise, warned the paper, the risks will increase.

On a completely different topic, some papers analyzed the announcement by the "Terminator" Arnold Schwarzenegger that he will run for governor of California. The Berlin daily Die Welt looks at the Austrian-born actors political leanings. Schwarzenegger is a representative of the moderate wing of the Republican party noted the paper - but he's diametrically opposed to U.S. President George Bush on issues like abortion and homosexuality. If Schwarzenegger wins in California – then it's because he's a liberal with a conservative face. This is both an opportunity and a risk for Bush. If Arnie wins it will help his reelection bid next year – but if the president supports a more hardline conservative candidate to run against Arnie – then the opposition democrats will pounce, said Die Welt.

The Lübecker Nachrichten was less impressed. "It's probably true" wrote the daily "as Arnold Schwarzenegger says that California needs a new governor." Considering it has a budget deficit of billions, widespread bankruptcy and a decreasing population – the new governor will have a lot on his plate. But the paper was unsure if Arnie is the right man for this job. If the Californians elect Schwarzenegger, it’s because it sounds so easy when he says he'll fix things. Former German Finance minister and SPD leader Oskar Lafontaine once said the electorate gets the government it deserves. This time he's right – opined the paper.