German Pop - Baby Benzin | German Pop | DW | 14.07.2010
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German Pop

German Pop - Baby Benzin

Guitar, bass, percussion, vocals. That's how simple and straightforward rock music can be. Meet the young Hamburg band Baby Benzin, which translates to Baby Gasoline, or Baby Petrol.

Jo Varain, Simon Bergholz and Max Schneider - who compose Baby Benzin - combine powerful rock music with clear political statements. They got together in Hamburg in 2007, all three driven by the same mission: to create the perfect band.

Baby Benzin

Baby Benzin

Fast, energetic and smart, they're now on the springboard to a big career. Citing influences from Toto to Led Zeppelin, they mix a little punk, a little rock and some catchy, German sing-along choruses.

But they're not just into making a lot of noise on stage; they're a protest band a la 2010. "My lyrics are a refreshingly radical. At least the choruses are strong, sometimes with a political statement. So the listener has to do some thinking," singer Simon quips.

Profound or not, they are a must-see live performance and were participants in the 2009 edition of "Pop Camp" - an educational seminar for up-and-coming pop musicians sponsored by the German Music Council.

Author: Matthias Klaus

Editor: Louisa Schaefer

PopCamp is a high-level band coaching project

PopCamp is a high-level band coaching project

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