German Police Nab Mafia Killer | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 28.01.2005
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German Police Nab Mafia Killer

German federal police in the western town of Mainz said Friday they had seized a wanted contract killer for the Italian Mafia, following a months-long worldwide manhunt. Officers overpowered the 56-year-old Wednesday afternoon. He was sentenced in January 2004 to life in prison for the murder of the brother of an Italian prosecutor but had been on the run for more than a year. The German federal police office said the suspect, who allegedly belongs to the Naples Camorra, was among Italy's top 30 most-wanted criminals. The suspect, whose name was not immediately released, is now in German custody awaiting extradition to Italy. "Thanks to the very good cooperation between the police in Mainz and the prosecutor's office in Frankfurt, we were able to wrap up the case quickly," said one investigator, who asked not to be named. Bloodletting by feuding Camorra clans has claimed more than 120 victims since January 2003.

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