German Police End Kangaroo′s Country Romp | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 16.06.2004
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German Police End Kangaroo's Country Romp

An escaped pet kangaroo kept German police in pursuit for several hours before its owner managed to catch it with a giant net.


Free at last!

Germany's stormy weather wreaked havoc of a different sort in the western town of Limburg, after a thunderstorm knocked out the electric lock on Kippy the kangaroo's cage, setting the marsupial on the loose.

Kippy roamed the German countryside for some 24 hours before passers-by spotted him near a motorway and alerted police.

The kangaroo led police across meadows and country lanes for four hours before it was captured.

Kippy survived the adventure intact, thanks in part to the high fences lining the motorway where he was spotted.

The fences stopped him from running towards the speeding cars, an instinct that results in the death of many kangaroos in their native Australia.