German Party Girls Auction Themselves on Ebay | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 12.11.2003
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German Party Girls Auction Themselves on Ebay

Six German women have sold themselves as the ultimate party guests in an Internet auction for over €25,000 ($28,765). The friends, all in their mid-30s, advertised themselves on the Ebay auction website, promising to be the life and soul of any party by turning up with a crate of beer and staying. "Not enough to drink? Want some new faces? Too many men? Empty dance floor? Party always over by 11pm? Always the same old dull couples?" they asked. "Then get into a real party mood with our six pack. We will personally bring the crate round. And the best thing is, we'll stay and party too." Four other women in their mid-20s are now offering themselves for sale as party guests too, claiming to be a "cellulite-free alternative to the over-30s". But Ebay has started to crack down on similar offerings after bids for one auction of four "party grenades" hit €10 million.