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German national team return home after staying overnight in Stade de France

While Germany and France played out an international friendly, Paris was rocked by terrorist attacks outside. The attacks forced the World Champions to spend the night in the stadium, before returning home this morning.

Following the 2-0 defeat to France in Paris on Friday evening, the World Champion Germany team spent the night in the Stade de France stadium - due to the terror attacks which shocked the world in the French capital. On Saturday morning, the team, along with reporters, returned home.

The team arrived back in Frankfurt on Saturday morning, the German football federation (DFB) stated. Die Mannschaft had been due to return to their hotel after the friendly game against France, but stayed inside the stadium after two explosions went off outside during the game.

Several reports from German and French publications have stated that upon hearing that the German team was unable to leave the stadium, the French team remained at the Stade de France stadium with them.

Germany is due to play the Netherlands in Hannover on Tuesday but has canceled its scheduled journey, as well as all other team activities, which were due to take place on Sunday.

A decision on whether the friendly match will go ahead is to be made on Sunday, according to DFB vice-president Reinhard Rauball

''We'll sleep on it for a night and then see how we go about or don't go about things on Tuesday. But I think you can't give way to terror,'' said Rauball, who is acting as one of two caretaker presidents of the DFB.

Rainer Koch, the second acting president, stated ''we have to respect the requirements of the security authorities. Basically I think the DFB and national team have a social and political responsibility to send a clear message that our constitutional state will not give in to terror.''

German reporters were able to travel back to Frankfurt on the same flight as the national team this morning. Matthias Müller, a reporter for German publication 'Bild', tweeted his view as armed police took reporters and the players to the plane this morning.

Upon arrival in Frankfurt, players were sent on further flights and trains to take each of them to their personal homes.

While the German federation is waiting on a decision to play, the French football federation has confirmed that its scheduled friendly match against England at Wembley Stadium on Tuesday will go ahead.

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