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Press Releases

German MP Fuchs on Europe: "It's a dangerous situation"

Michael Fuchs talked to DW's Tim Sebastian about terrorism, migration, Syria, and Russia. He warned that after the Paris attacks no premature link should be made between terrorists and refugees.

Fuchs urged France to investigate why its citizens become radical: "One thing is for sure, France has to look into it. Why it is French people do these kind of attacks, that terrorism is coming from France and also Belgium?"

Fuchs rejected the idea that refugees were responsible for the attacks: "It is not true that the refugees are the reason for the Paris attacks. We shouldn't mix it."

Speaking about the European refugee crisis, Fuchs denied that the German border was the problem. He said: "We have to try and control the migrants."

Later on in the interview, he added: "If there is no burden-sharing, then Europe is really falling apart."

Fuchs conceded he felt worried about Europe's future: "It's a dangerous situation."

On Russia's engagement in Syria the MP remarked: "Without the Russians, Assad would be gone instantly but I don't know even if this would be better."

Michael Fuchs was born in 1949. He studied pharmacy and in 1980, he founded the company Impex Electronic. He got involved in trade and employer associations, and became MP in 2002. Since 2009, he has been the Deputy Parliamentary Leader for the CDU-CSU.

The full interview with Tim Sebastian will air on DW's "Conflict Zone" on Wednesday, November 18, at 17.30 UTC, and will be available online on demand.

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