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German Military Probes Torture Allegations

A German army captain and 17 non-commissioned officers are being investigated after recruits claimed they were physically abused, an army spokesman said Saturday

confirming an article by the news magazine Der Spiegel. The captain and the 17 other military officials have been suspended since the accusations were made on Nov. 11. The recruits alleged they underwent so-called hostage interrogations at the end of their training between June and September. Der Spiegel said in its issue to hit newsstands on Monday that the recruits were "attacked" during overnight training marches. Their hands and feet were reportedly tied together with wires and their heads covered with grey hoods before they were taken back by truck to army barracks where they were kept on their knees in a shower and a cellar and splashed with water. Two of the youths also allegedly received electric shocks to the neck, lower body and the groin. The magazine said pictures had been taken of the recruits and entire scenes filmed. Investigators have seized computers and data. (AFP)

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